Innovative Development, Inc.

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Concept engineering
If you have an idea scratched out on a napkin, or rolling around in your head, we can help make it a reality.

3-D design
We can create 3-D computer simulated drawings to allow you to see your idea jump from 2-D drawings to a 3-D image.

We provide you with ex-factory costing which helps you determine how best to develop your product for maximum profitability.

Enhance current products
Already have a product and need to improve it? Our staff is dedicated to giving you 100% of our effort and know-how improve your current product. Either by enhancing features, or refining the manufacture of said product.

Create innovative new products
Do you have an idea for a new product and want to bring it to life? Do you have an idea about a product function, but are not sure how to make it work? Let our engineering staff help!

Tooling/first shot evaluation
We work with you to create and debug the tools that will allow you to produce your quality product time and time again.

Product samples
Whether it's a works like model, first shot sample or pre/first run production samples, we can provide you with piece of mind that what you envisioned on paper, is what actually reaches the shelves.

Got a new product, but are not sure if it's just right? Our prototype services help you refine your vision.

Product testing
We have our own lab to perform safety testing and to aid in keeping your product in spec. We also use some of the industries most internationally recognized testing labs for Physical and Mechanical testing. This ensures that your products are tested in an unbiased third party environment to be within strict industry and regulatory standards.

See your packaging before it's produced and make adjustments before production.

Unhappy with your current manufacturing solution? We can simply help you make a transition to a factory that will produce quality products, on time at an excellent price.

Contract project management
Want to develop a product, but don't have the man hours to devote to it, let us help! We keep our eyes and ears on the progress of your products development and report to you on status, lead time, materials and availability. We give you all the information that you need to make decisions that can make you money. We do all this at no additional cost!

Let us do the leg work! Submit a quote today; it will cost you nothing to see what is possible.