Innovative Development, Inc.
Innovative Development has been in-grained in the baby industry for well over 20 years. If you have walked the aisles of any major retail baby department, you have seen our work.
Let us put that know-how to work for your baby products - from product design and development all the way through manufacturing.

At Innovative Development our expertise is in product design, development, engineering and sourcing. Our U.S. engineering and development team partner with you to establish your requirements and to create product concepts and designs. We do this at no additional cost to you.

Our factories develop tool drawings, quote the products and manufacture the product. We liaise with our clients and follow the products through tooling and into production.

Once in production, we track shipments both in China and in the U.S. so our customers have answers 24 hours a day.

We take the uncertainty out of outsourcing.

With our no cost design and engineering as an added value to you, we can help you make your product dream a reality.

We also provide you with access to an 18+yr relationship in manufacturing that will give you piece of mind.

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