Innovative Development, Inc.
About Us

Innovative Development has been in-grained in the baby industry for well over 20 years. If you have walked the aisles of any major retail baby department, you have seen our work.

We have been responsible for bringing some of the most prolific products to market. From sippy cups, to window shades, feeding sets to rattles, plush toys to bathroom toys and foot-stools, we have done it all. With beginnings at one of the biggest names in baby products, our owner set out to provide a cost effective manufacturing solution to Infant care companies.

We are passionate about our business. We understand that the majority of the products we make will be used by infants and toddlers, so quality and safety are our biggest concerns. All of our products meet or exceed strict industry and regulatory standards. Our factories also meet or exceed all of Wal-Mart's code of conduct & labor requirements.

Our engineering and design staff have the ability to expand on existing products to improve them, analyze existing products to make them more cost effective to manufacture, or design an entirely new product from scratch.

Quality products, confidential design and engineering services that is Innovative Development.

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